GENERAL DESCRIPTION SumiMark® III is a high performance, high speed thermal transfer marking system designed to print on continuous spools of a wide variety of SumiMark® tubing materials and sizes (Tubing diameters from 1/16″ to 2″). The SumiMark® III produces a dry, permanent mark that can be handled as soon as it is printed. After recovery, our printing meets the demanding mark permanence requirements of SAEAS81531 for both abrasion and solvent resistance. The 300 dpi print head produces crisp, high quality text, barcodes and graphic images. The capability to print on continuous spools of a large range of tubing materials such as polyolefin, fluoropolymer, and dual wall adhesive lined, allows the end user the ability to design a marker tag, which can be used in the most demanding and severe environments. Creating custom markers or retrieving wire lists from a database is a simple step by step menu-driven process.

HARDWARE The entire hardware module is of proven design and concept, utilizing state of the art electromechanical innovations that assure consistent print quality and long term reliability. The SumiMark® III provides network capability. With such connectivity, print jobs can be created and modified from any remote location using internet Web based tools. The printer unit includes a fully integrated inline cutter module that can provide full cutting or partial cutting for kitting purposes.

SOFTWARE SumiMark® Advanced Software is designed to be compatible with Windows® 98, 2000, NT 4.0, ME, and XP. The software allows you to easily create text markers, standard barcodes, sequential numbering, graphics and logos or mix and match any of these to create a completely customized marker. Scanned images, bit maps or any True Type font or style you desire can be used to create your marker tag. The system accepts excel, delimited and text files for automatic conversion to wire lists for online processing or for placement in various project archives.

CAPABILITIES Unlike preformatted products, SumiMark® tubing markers can be programmed to be from 0.5″ long to 29″ long in 0.1″ increments with no restrictions as to content. Alpha and/or numeric printed information can be automatically incremented or decremented as single or multiple markers. The end user can use up to 2 simultaneous sequences per marker. The individual marker length as defined by the user assures minimal tubing waste as each marker is printed and cut. The number of characters and lines of text are a function of tubing size, length, and operator choice.


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